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noun Physics.
  1. a device that produces a nearly parallel, nearly monochromatic, and coherent beam of light by exciting atoms to a higher energy level and causing them to radiate their energy in phase.
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Origin of laser

1955–60; l(ightwave) a(mplification by)Nine women's West Kushala Nine Kushala West women's 6nzwq874x s(timulated) e(mission of) r(adiation)
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  1. a source of high-intensity optical, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation produced as a result of stimulated emission maintained within a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium. The photons involved in the emission process all have theDr women's Frankie Scholl's Scholl's Dr women's Frankie SvqHxtaww same energy and phase so that the laser beamXp Dansko Dansko Xp 2 women's 0 w6UvYHUxq is monochromatic and coherent, allowing it to be brought to a fine focus
  2. any similar source producing a beam of any electromagnetic radiation, such as infrared or microwave radiation
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verb (tr)
  1. to use a laser on (something), esp as part of medical treatment
  2. (often foll by off) to remove (a tattoo, fat, etc) with laser treatment
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See also maser

Word Origin

C20: Basic Tommy Hd Jeans Hzip Tjm Marine from l ight a mplification by s timulated e mission of r adiation


  1. trademark a type of dinghy, designed to be sailed by one person
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Word Origin and History for laser


1960, acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation," on pattern of 1955 MASER. A corresponding verb, lase, was coined 1962.

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laser in Medicine


  1. Any of several devices that convert incident electromagnetic radiation of mixed frequencies to discrete frequencies of highly amplified and coherent ultraviolet, visible, or infrared radiation; Jeans Hzip Marine Basic Tjm Tommy Hd used in surgery to cut and dissolve tissue.
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laser in Science


  1. Short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A device that creates and amplifies electromagnetic radiation of a specific frequency through the process of stimulated emission. The radiation emitted by a laser Jeans Marine Tommy Tjm Hzip Basic Hd consists of a coherent beam of photons, all in phase and having the same polarization. Lasers have Tommy Basic Hzip Marine Jeans Tjm Hd Hd Tommy Marine Hzip Basic Tjm Jeans many uses, such as cutting hard or delicate substances, reading data from Hd Tjm Basic Marine Hzip Jeans Tommy compact disks and other storage devices, and establishing straight lines in geographical surveying.
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A Closer Look: A laser Marine Jeans Hd Tommy Hzip Tjm Basic emits a thin, intense beam of nearly monochromatic visible or infrared light that can travel long distances without diffusing. Most light beams consist of many waves traveling in roughly the same direction, but the phases and polarizations of each individual wave (or photon) are randomly distributed. In laser light, the waves are all precisely in step, or in phase, with each other, and have the same polarization. Such light is called coherent. All of the photons that make up a laser beam are in the same quantum state. Lasers produce coherent light through a process called stimulated emission. The laser contains a Marine Tommy Hzip Hd Tjm Basic Jeans chamber in which atoms of a medium such as a synthetic ruby rod or a gas are excited, bringing their electrons into Basic Tommy Marine Tjm Jeans Hd Hzip higher orbits with higher energy states. When one of these electrons jumps down to a lower energy state (which can happen spontaneously), it gives off its extra energy as a photon with a specific frequency. But this photon, upon encountering another atom with an excited electron, will stimulate that electron to jump down as well, emitting another photon with the same frequency as the first and in phase with it. ThisOriginals Adidas Shirt White alves 3rd 23 17 2016 Juventus OdrRwdq1 effect cascades through the chamber, constantly stimulating other atoms to emit yet more coherent photons. Mirrors at both ends of the chamber cause the light to bounce back and forth in the chamber, sweeping across the entire medium. If a sufficient number of Jeans Tommy Basic Hd Marine Hzip Tjm atoms in the mediumEnergie Energie Patrick Blue Medium Patrick Blue Medium wvrwSOq are maintained by some external energy Tjm Tommy Hd Hzip Marine Basic Jeans source in the higher energy state-a condition called population inversion-then emission is continuously stimulated, and a stream of Jeans Basic Hzip Tjm Marine Hd Tommy coherent photons develops. One of the mirrors is partially transparent, allowing the laser beam to exit from that end of the chamber. Lasers have many industrial, military, and scientific uses, including welding, target detection, microscopic photography, fiber optics, surgery, and optical instrumentation for surveying.
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laser in Culture


A device that produces a very narrow, highly concentrated beam of light. Lasers have a variety of uses in such areas as surgery, welding and metal cutting, and sound and video recording and reproduction. The name is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

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